Developing Addons for MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is highly extensible via scripting. Using the scripting interfaces you can extend the MediaMonkey UI (create menu items, new dialogs, etc.), access almost any aspect of MediaMonkey's organizational capabilities, customize the tree, integrate it with external applicaitons, etc. Examples of addons that have been developed include: A web-based front-end to MediaMonkey, Automatic Error Correction of Grammar, Auto-DJ Playlisting based on Last-fm recommendations, plus hundreds of others. See:

Developing to the Winamp API

MediaMonkey also supports portions of the Winamp 2 API, enabling Winamp Input Plug-ins and Output Plug-ins (for all versions of MediaMonkey); and General Plug-ins, DSP-effect Plug-ins, and Visualization Plug-ins (for MediaMonkey 3-4). Winamp Language Packs and Media Library plug-ins are not supported. See:

Developing MediaMonkey Skins and Icons

MediaMonkey's look and feel is highly customizable. Almost all aspects of the product can be modified by customizing the skin and icons. More information is available at:

Localizing MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is currently available in over 10 languages, and can be easily translated into many others. If you wish to translate MediaMonkey, see: