MediaMonkey for Android

Your music, your videos, your playlists, on your phone
The perfect partner to MediaMonkey for Windows. Access to your MediaMonkey library when you’re away from home. Sync, update and enjoy your media and playlists from your phone.


Manage thousands of music tracks and videos without missing a beat.

Manage All Your Media

Manage Music, Classical, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Video. Navigate by Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, or Playlist, with support for multiple attributes per field.


Sync with MediaMonkey for Windows. Keep playlists, tracks and videos including file metadata, ratings, lyrics, and play history synced across your devices.

Manage Playlists

Easily create new playlists or edit playlists from your PC’s music library.

Edit Metadata

Rate tracks and edit basic metadata, knowing that changes will be reflected in your PC’s media library.


Search your entire library, or quickly find other content related to the current selection.


Enjoy a quality audio experience via a 5-band equalizer and volume leveling (via ReplayGain).


Full audio controls let you shuffle, repeat and bookmark tracks, or set a sleep timer to fade and end playback.

Use with Android Auto

Control MediaMonkey from within your vehicle using Android Auto.

Use Android Widgets

Control MediaMonkey from Lock screen, Home screen, or Notification drawer widgets.

Share on

Share your play history with others via third-party scrobblers.

MediaMonkey Pro

Unlocks the power within MediaMonkey for Android.

Wi-Fi Sync

Wirelessly sync with [MediaMonkey for Windows] and keep changes made on your PC and phone in sync.


Configure the home screen to display the media content that you use.

Metadata Lookup

Look up missing artwork, and lyrics.

Navigate by Folder

Navigate your library by folders rather than just by media attributes.


Cast audio/video to Google Cast or UPnP/DLNA devices. Or access and download media from UPnP/DLNA servers.

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